It all started with LEGO back in 2003. I remember sleepless nights listening to Moby - Play, trying to understand basics of box modeling and hdri rendering. The idea of creating brick by brick and assembling it together to create structures I knew from my childhood was mesmerizing. I was hooked up, I just couldn’t stop.

Modeling legos was a perfect way to start my journey with 3d. Making simple blocks with box and cylinder primitives, revolving shapes, using boolean operations, I had to learn all these tools in order to make simple bricks. Even my first UV map was done for a sticker on a lego piece. It was fun and learn at the same time, but at some point I reached the limits of what was possible with simple primitives and modifiers inside 3ds max. I had to learn polymodeling in order to create more advanced pieces. I discovered topology and got hooked up again.

After modeling a fair amount of standard bricks I decided to give technics a try. I started polymodeling official 8480 Space Shuttle, a classic example of how brilliant LEGO sets can be.

8480 is a very complex model. It contains around 185 unique pieces (1366 bricks in total). Everything is fully polymodeled, mapped and textured. All bricks can be detached and used in different sets. All moving parts are rigged and ready for animation. Most parts were modeled by me, some of them have been modeled by my friends from Speedies collective.