I’ve been asked to create these visuals for Joanna Rajkowska. Unusual project for me. A seamless mix of photography and rendering created to visualize a thought provoking concept of building a minaret in central of Poznań. Unfortunately, the actual Minaret has not been built but it sparked a public debate reaching boiling points at times.

”Minaret' is just a building and has no religious meaning. But we support this project because Muslims live and study, heal the sick in hospitals, and run businesses here. We contribute a lot to Poland and yet still we are unseen. Maybe 'Minaret' will compensate for our invisibility.” - Sheikh Mohamed Saleh, The Muslim League of Poland, read more

The Minaret model had to be perfectly lit, shaded and merged into photos provided by Joanna. Camera matching was a challange because I had only a partial exif data, some photos were cropped which made it harder to guess correct values. I had to create a simple model of surroundings using google maps and photos found online and use it in SketchUp for camera and sun light matching. I chose to use Modo for asset creation and Fryrender for final renderings. Everything was put together using Photoshop.