I love Japanese product design for its minimalist aesthetics, with a predilection for simplicity and elegance. MediaSkin designed by Tokujin Yoshioka is no exception. This phone illustrates his famed attention to detail: the orange and white models featured paint made with silicon particles for a smooth comfortable feel and the black one was made with a soft feel paint that included special urethane particles. Modeled in moi, rendered in modo, these images are my tribute to au KDDI design project and work of Tokujin.

“I wanted to create a mobile phone that people would wonder why this had never existed. This is not a designer’s mobile phone; rather this is a mobile phone that is closer to art (...)

How long each day are people in physical contact with their mobile phone? A mobile phone is used in our daily life and it is almost the closest product to us. I designed this Media Skin which is beyond an object and is perceived to become a part of ourselves.“
Tokujin Yoshioka

Here is another example of a beautiful product design from Japan. Voyage - solar phone concept by MILE. The front of the chassis is clearly inspired by iconic earthrise photo, while the back openes up and reveals solar batteries that transform the phone into a shape that looks like a satellite. Just like with MediaSkin, I wanted to model and render this phone as a tribute to work of MILE.